Monday, January 3, 2011

Gentlemen's abode

The other day I invited Scott Fazzini over, of Domicidal Maniac. To give me some advice about what I should do with my dining room. After a very quick conversation about the actual amount of times I use a dining table. He came up with this: I am to turn my now somewhat shabby dining area into a 1970's Media room, and the living room now. Shall become a gentlmen's receiving room. So here are some ideas of things I want to fill that space.
I thought this chippendale style office sofa could make the perfect compliment to all that darkness. Plus, it's perfect for smoking.
I also thought this little fainting couch could be the perfect size for guests.

Finally, a gorgeous center table, picture this with my white panton chairs in the corner, with books and an alabaster lamp.