Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brash and Brassie

I Almost forgot to add a background track for this post today. So here it is Open this up in another window and enjoy as you read. Beach house (Auburn and Ivory.)

My Obsession with brass Continues as I have conjured up a few treasures here for you today. I can't help but feel warm, and enriched with color, whilst I look at these I dream of sipping on a glass of Lagavulin.

These bedside tables are from ebay. I find the 1970's a great inspiration for design. Do you think upholstering the walls behind the bed in a dark grey grass cloth would be to much? Pair that with this really low, somewhat modern West elm bed.
Again the 70's are always right there in my mind. The amber glass globes are stunning don't yah find ? Unfortunately this CL listing just ended today. They only wanted $20 bucks for this baby!

A few months back I was thinking of getting a giant brass/glass coffee table like this for my parlor. This would go so well with any, dark green and blue hues. Even sands and taupes could work. Fredrick CL. Pair it with this Laura Kirar Rug from Tufenkian.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The snow has Undoubtedly, kept most of us indoors for days! So I have been forced to do what I do best, Scour Craig's List for things I love. This is an amazing chesterfield in my favorite Cognac color, perfect for that professors library you've been thinking about creating. Yet, Small enough to fit into the smallest of apartments. Check it out

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Starting at the beginning !

The entire purpose of this is, to create hope, in ones self. I want to show all of you that in creating a design concept, you can then begin to create anything. It is from this step that we can move forward. Join me in searching for objects that inspire, invoke passion, and ignite something within you to take that next step, However big or small that is for you! I had high hopes of starting with a blog that was to showcase a certain Artisit's studio whom I had been admiring lately as I walk past this particular street on occasion. I have not yet had the guts to leave my calling card nor, even gain the courage to do more investigating. Lets hope I do but until then. Here are some objects that I have been thinking about lately

So few weeks back I was going to a few favorite hot spots and, honestly the weekend just felt like spring. Somehow the weather and the sight of this Croquet set, gave me the reminder that spring was just around the corner .

I have always had a love for Brass animal sculptures. I find brass has such a nice patina . Don't these remind you of the Dumbarton Bridge.

It could just be the sound of the Season but Check this out! I find those stag heads and feet fascinating. This is a definite statement piece and as we go along, I'll see if I cant explain exactly what statement objects like this make.

Do you believe this is PB. I see this piece being a definite classic. Again it could just be the sound of the season but, I somehow see this mirror fitting into so many Decor's.